Carbon Browser

We created an exceptional merch shop for Carbon Browser, equipping their team with the skills to independently manage, operate, and expand their store post-launch.

The Situation

Carbon Browser, an innovative web browser focused on speed and privacy, aimed to establish a merch shop that not only reflected their brand but also allowed for seamless post-launch management. They needed a solution that would empower their team to handle all aspects of the merch shop, from adding new items to managing operations, without ongoing external support. Additionally, they wanted the merch page to integrate with their reward system, enabling users to redeem physical merchandise using custom Carbon tokens earned through browser activities.

Carbon Browser mousepad
Carbon Browser backpack


Understanding the need for autonomy and efficiency, we identified the importance of providing comprehensive training alongside developing a user-friendly and aesthetically appealing merch shop. This approach would enable Carbon Browser’s team to confidently take charge of their store, ensuring it remained up-to-date and aligned with their brand’s evolution.


The highlight of our project was the delivery of a fully operational and visually captivating merch shop tailored to Carbon Browser’s brand. More importantly, we conducted a simple training session that covered all aspects of shop management, including inventory updates, new item additions, and order processing to  ensure that Carbon Browser’s team could independently run and expand their Carbon Browser merch shop without the need for continuous external assistance.

Additionally, we programmed the merch page to integrate with Carbon Browser’s reward system, allowing users to redeem physical merchandise using custom Carbon tokens earned through their browser activities. This unique feature enhances user engagement and loyalty by providing a tangible incentive for using Carbon Browser.