Bespoke NFT Artwork

Our NFT collection lets you own a piece of Subverted Norms history. Go beyond making a fashion statement and own a piece of our NFT artwork. If you’re looking for something truly unique, consider purchasing art from our limited-edition Masterpiece Collection.

NFT Emporium

This is our regular NFT collection. There is a limited number of NFTs available for each piece. Each piece starts out at a low price, making them highly collectible and tradeable. New NFT collections will be released to celebrate different cryptos and milestone events. Purchasing these NFTs can unlock special items in the shop. Check out the product descriptions for details!

The Masterpiece Collection

This is our ultra-rare NFT Masterpiece Collection. There is only one NFT available for each piece. Upon purchase, we’ll send you a full resolution framed copy of the artwork with the edition number. You get to keep the physical artwork forever, while the digital NFT can be transferred to a new owner, who will receive a new framed copy with a new edition number.

NFT Game Project: Coming Soon

Skies of War is a high-stakes multiple choice steampunk adventure story, featuring purchasable NFT collectables that unlock on your journey. Compete against fellow smugglers to be the first to unlock and collect rare loot. The game has multiple paths and endings that take place depending on the choices you make. Special events and exclusive cosmetics will be NFT unlockable.

Obtain one of our initial Skies of War NFT collectible smugglers to participate in the beta testing phase, during which time you can familiarize yourself with the story to give yourself an edge on unlocking rare NFTs once the game officially launches. Beta Smugglers will also be able to unlock limited-edition cosmetics for their character.