Cogent Crypto

We crafted a seamless and engaging online merchandising experience for a leading cryptocurrency brand, aligning it with their innovative and modern identity.

The Situation

Cogent Crypto, a trailblazer in the digital currency space, aimed to extend its brand presence by launching a merchandise store. They desired a solution that required minimal effort on their part while ensuring the store resonated with their brand and appealed to their tech-savvy audience. However, they lacked a clear vision for the design and assortment of merchandise that would best represent their brand.

Cogent Crypto shirt
Cogent Crypto bandana


In the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency, maintaining a strong, recognizable brand is key to standing out. For Cogent Crypto, this meant creating merchandise that was not only visually appealing but also meaningful and desirable to their community. We recognized the importance of integrating their brand seamlessly into the merchandise design to enhance brand loyalty and recognition.

Additionally, understanding the preferences and desires of their community was crucial. We needed to ensure that the merchandise would not only appeal to their current fan base but also attract new followers.


We initiated the project by developing a distinctive and eye-catching blue and white hexagon pattern, mirroring Cogent Crypto’s existing logo, to serve as a foundational design element for the merchandise. This pattern not only reinforced brand recognition but also added a unique and stylish aesthetic to the product range.

Next, we created the shop layout, taking inspiration from their current digital presence while introducing more dynamic text, vibrant images, and subtle color enhancements. This approach ensured a cohesive brand experience for customers transitioning from the main site to the merchandise section.

Cogent Crypto hoodie
Cogent Crypto water bottle


After conducting thorough research on their community’s social media channels, we identified key merchandise items that were in high demand. Leveraging this insight, we designed a range of custom merchandise, from apparel to accessories, incorporating the new branding and hexagon pattern. These items were tailored to the preferences and trends identified within the Cogent Crypto community.

The launch of the Cogent Crypto merch store was met with overwhelming enthusiasm. The community embraced the new designs, praising the seamless blend of style and brand identity.