Elevated DOVU’s brand with standout merch and an auto-populating carbon certificate featured at the World Economic Forum’s DAVOS conference.

The Situation

DOVU, a pioneer in carbon offset solutions, wanted to offer merchandise to their community without the operational challenges of running a store.

DOVU design


Branding is more than just a logo; it’s an experience. DOVU needed merchandise that not only looked good but also encapsulated their mission and values. They sought a partner who could understand their vision and bring it to life.


Subverted Norms took on the challenge, creating a dedicated merch section for DOVU on our platform. Using their design documents, we crafted merchandise that perfectly mirrored their brand.

Impressed by our design acumen, DOVU entrusted us with designing a carbon certificate. This certificate, featured at the prestigious DAVOS conference hosted by the World Economic Forum, allowed attendees to retire their carbon in exchange for a certificate. The certificate, auto-populated with proof of retirement details, became a testament to DOVU’s commitment to sustainability and our design prowess.