Our Fei Protocol Collection

Fei Protocol is a stable coin for decentralised finance, governed by a group of decentralised stake holders called the Tribe. We’ve been bullish on Fei and Tribe since Day 1!

We are rolling out the Tribal loot with a 33% discount until December 25th 2021, to claim the discount all you need to do is to visit the Fei Protocol Discord and nab the code from the general chat.

Loot Featuring NFT Art

The Fei Genesis collection is our first Masterpiece Collection. You can purchase the original NFT from our NFT Art Gallery, which unlocks the high resolution image and the framed wall art collector’s piece with artwork name and edition number. (Buy it before Joey can! 😏)
We support sustainability so every item is print to order, created with eco-friendly materials whenever possible. Our initial Fei Protocol launch line-up includes:

  • Fei Shirt. Unisex style.
  • Tribe Shirt. Unisex style.
  • Fei Genesis Shirt. Comes in men and women’s style.
  • Fei Jungle Shirt (Coming Soon)
  • Fei Genesis iPhone Case
  • Fei Genesis Samsung Case
  • Fei Genesis Laptop Sleeve. Comes in 13″ and 15″ sizes.
  • Fei Genesis Backpack (Coming Soon)