Hologram News Network

We developed an innovative online news platform for HNN, streamlining their content generation with automation, significantly saving time and reducing costs.

The Situation

Hologram News Network, a leading source for news on the Star Atlas video game, faced the challenge of keeping up with the rapid pace of game updates and news. They needed a solution that could not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of their website but also revolutionize their content creation process to ensure timely publication without compromising quality.

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Recognizing the dynamic nature of video game news, we identified the need for an innovative approach that could automate the content generation process. This would enable HNN to maintain its position as a timely and authoritative news source while significantly reducing manual labor and associated costs.


The cornerstone of our project was the development of a state-of-the-art automated content generation system. This system was meticulously designed to scan the internet for the latest Star Atlas news from various credible sources, including official social media channels, YouTube videos, and gaming news websites. Utilizing advanced algorithms, it automatically generated draft articles based on the gathered information.

These drafts were then queued for a final review by HNN’s editorial team, ensuring that each article maintained the high-quality, informative, and engaging content that HNN’s audience expected. This blend of automation and human oversight streamlined HNN’s content creation process, allowing for real-time news updates with minimal manual intervention.

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The impact of our automation solution on HNN was profound. The time and resources required for content production were reduced by over 90%, enabling the HNN team to focus on strategic initiatives, such as community engagement and in-depth game analysis. This shift not only enhanced the quality of their content but also solidified HNN’s reputation as a premier source for Star Atlas news.

Finally, our team also embarked on a comprehensive redesign of HNN’s online platform, drawing inspiration from the sleek design of the Star Atlas in-game news network ship, the Opal Bitboat. We crafted a website that not only resonated with the game’s aesthetic but was also user-friendly and engaging.