Inky’s Art Pass

Crafted a captivating video for Lil Inkstain’s NFT collection, driving significant interest and positioning her as an emerging name in the NFT art space.

The Situation

Emerging artist Lil Inkstain was on the brink of launching her Inky NFT Art Pass, a unique collection that was a testament to her artistic prowess. However, she needed a compelling medium to showcase her art to the digital world, especially given the competitive nature of the NFT market. The challenge was to create a promotional video that not only highlighted the essence of her art but also stood out in the vast sea of NFT promotions.


The NFT space is vibrant, dynamic, and ever-evolving. To make a mark, Lil Inkstain’s promotional video needed to be more than just a visual display; it had to capture the soul of her art.

Our research indicated that the most successful NFT promotions combined striking visuals with auditory elements, creating an immersive experience for the viewer. The right blend of font, music, and visuals could make the difference between a viewer scrolling past or stopping to engage.


Our team crafted a captivating video ad for Lil Inkstain’s Inky NFT Art Pass. Using a chic font that complemented her art style, paired with exhilarating music, we created a promotional masterpiece that was both professional and enchanting. The video not only showcased her art in its full glory but also resonated with the target audience, drawing them into the world of Lil Inkstain.

The result? An overwhelming response to her NFT collection, with significant interest and engagement from potential buyers, setting her on a path to becoming a notable name in the NFT art space.

Inky’s Art Pass Promo