Panther Protocol

Launched a NFT art series and exclusive merch site, amplifying community engagement.

The Situation

Panther Protocol, a cutting-edge privacy protocol, wanted to engage their community with a merchandise store. However, they didn’t want the hassle of managing and updating the store themselves.

Panther Protocol NFT


In the digital age, communities thrive on engagement. Panther Protocol recognized the potential of merchandise but needed a unique twist. Traditional merch stores wouldn’t cut it; they needed something that resonated with their tech-savvy audience and a platform that was separate yet approved by them.


Subverted Norms collaborated closely with the Panther team, innovating beyond a typical merch store. We designed a separate, unconnected website exclusively for Panther Protocol merchandise, ensuring every item was approved by the Panther team.

Taking it a step further, we introduced an NFT line of digital art, with 5 unique pieces to collect. Holding one of these ZKP Panther NFTs unlocked special merchandise items on the website, featuring the very NFT art they possessed. This integration of digital art with tangible merchandise created a buzz, driving engagement and further establishing Panther Protocol’s reputation as a forward-thinking entity.