Hey there, space cadets and fashion-forward aliens! 🚀 Ever thought about what to wear when you’re conquering galaxies or negotiating with extraterrestrial beings? Look no further! Subverted Norms is here with a product line that’s out of this world, inspired by the universe’s favorite game, Star Atlas: Powered by the People.

Level up your wardrobe and see amazing results:

  • Stop getting kicked from party for being a fashion disaster.
  • Clothes so cool even NPCs will notice you.
  • Unlock rare hidden achievement: ‘Dressing better than your avatar’

Two Designs to Start Your Galactic Wardrobe!

  • The Intrepid Pilot Tee: Perfect for those days when you accidentally fly into a black hole and need to look good for the alternate universe on the other side.
  • The Sleek Starship Design: Whether you’re dodging space debris or just spilled coffee, our ship-inspired unisex t-shirts and men’s canvas shoes have got you covered. Literally.

But that’s just the beginning! If these cosmic creations prove popular, we have plans to expand the line. So, keep your telescopes trained on us for more exciting announcements.

Check out the Galia Merchants, for More Merch!

If you’re not finding the merch that resonates with your interstellar soul at Subverted Norms, fear not! Our partners, the Galia Merchants, are known for their badass designs tailored for the game and even clan-specific merch. They’ve got you covered!

Need a Refresher on Star Atlas?

For those who’ve spent too long in cryosleep, Star Atlas is the game where you can conquer galaxies, make political maneuvers more complex than a space knot, and occasionally get lost in space (don’t forget your map!). Dive into a universe where you can live among the stars, trade space stocks, and pimp your starship. Remember, it’s not just a game; it’s a lifestyle.